What is NGO+ ? 

NGO+ is a zero-cost comprehensive training programme for Indian charities to acquire basic skills that help them embrace crowdfunding as a permanent fundraising technique. From communication material for donor reach-out to webinars and sessions on how to succeed in efficient crowdfunding, NGO+ is an incentive for all committed non-profits


Communication is the foundation of connections. Have access to regular and dynamic content material, made available by our content team

Success Stories

Let’s connect through stories. A consistent showcase of success stories about the impact NGOs have caused through crowdfunding

Training Webinars

Regular webinars handling one subject every week, to help ease your fundraising struggles

Fundraising Tools

A detailed sneak-peek into our

peer-to-peer fundraising tool and the hack to leverage its strengths

Influencers Speak

Sessions with influencers and other NGO representatives to help your learn from their successful journeys

Social Media

It’s time to go online. Learn the tips and tricks of social media and the ways to enhance your presence of social media platforms

How does NGO+ work?

A steady training module for NGOs every month, where they get to build up on the

skill-sets for crowdfunding, communications and donor management. Here's presenting January's agenda, stating what all is available for you to learn

First Session: January 9, 2020- Email Marketing

  • Techniques to frame the best emails

  • Email marketing: Relevance and types

  • Email marketing tool tutorials (SendGrid/MailChimp)

Second Session: January 23, 2020 

GiveIndia Fundraising Challenge 2020

  • Tips on maximizing crowdfunding efforts to win matching rewards in GiveIndia's annual fundraising festival

  • Unveiling of event structure, rewards on offer and addressing queries

  • Case studies of how NGOs have used such events to accelerate fundraising

  • Using different communication tools to spread the word to your donor network

  • How to plan your journey in GFC 2020 and aim to win maximum rewards

Third Session: January 31, 2020- Content for Social Media

  • Framing content for different social media platforms 

  • Tutorials on content for WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter

  • Importance of visual content, guide on posting on Instagram

  • Tools to help you write better content (Grammarly)

To access the recordings of all NGO+ sessions,